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Telecompetitor: Steve Ballmer retires. What next?

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement last week, leading to two immediate questions: “What happens next?”  and “Who will succeed him?”   In answer to the first question, the company would do well to quickly re-evaluate and re-rationalize its entire product strategy and portfolio.   Microsoft has the ingredients for greatness but execution hasn’t been great in recent years.   As for who should succeed him, Microsoft needs someone with the mind of a Jeff Bezos or a Ralph de la Vega, not a Meg Whitman or a John Sculley.

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Telecompetitor Plus: Intel Media is all about OTT (Except maybe it isn’t)

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In recent months, lots of buzz has been building across the business and industry press about Intel Corporation’s work-in-progress toward an OTT TV service. A recent Reuters report said that Intel does plan to introduce a consumer service this year, but is struggling to close content deals, even though it is offering a premium for the programming.

So, what if Intel fails to achieve its content goals and the service never launches? Perhaps this Intel OTT strategy might actually be the “nice to have” layer on top of Intel’s true intent, which follows a proven Intel formula. Read the rest of this article on Telecompetitor Plus (Premium Content)

Telecompetitor Plus: Apple’s Next Frontier – The Connected Car

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As happens each year, the opening keynote at Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 10 included the unveiling of several major new Apple products that will be available later in the year. During the keynote, Apple Sr. VP Eddie Cue announced iOS in the Car, which embeds Siri voice commands into the car, and identified sixteen automobile companies that are working with Apple.

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Telecompetitor Plus: Despite Lack of US Presence, Huawei’s Influence Can be Felt Here

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Recognizing that Huawei’s IPTV solution supports more than ten million households in China alone, it’s difficult to challenge Huawei’s claims that it is a global IPTV market leader. But because Huawei (and ZTE, the other large Chinese network supplier) has been the target of much speculation in the West – much of it negative – Huawei will continue to have just a limited presence in the US.

For now, Huawei’s US presence will largely be through its Devices division. Read the rest of this article at Telecompetitor Plus (Premium Content).

Telecompetitor: The Half-life of Web TV Devices

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We all replace our mobile phones and computers every few years, not to mention our cars and many other high-ticket items in our lives. But TVs are different. They’re supposed to last for ten or twenty years, aren’t they? But our first-generation Google TV device has reached its half-life. Read the entire article on Telecompetitor!

Telecompetitor: Cisco, Cox, AT&T, and DISH Network at CES 2013

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At CES 2013, Cisco held an event which included demos of Cox Communications new Cisco video gateway, a Cox TV app on the iPad, and a new EPG. DISH Network launched a new version of its Hopper whole home DVR and AT&T held its 2013 Developer Summit. Read the rest of the article on Telecompetitor…

Telecompetitor: Verizon FiOS TV and Redbox Instant at CES 2013

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At CES 2013, Verizon Communications showed off a variety of updates for its FiOS TV service, as well as a demonstration of the forthcoming Redbox Instant service from the Verizon-Coinstar joint venture. Read this article on Telecompetitor…

Telecompetitor: 1990s App Lives Again – and other low-profile high-impact disputes

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The telecom industry is accustomed to conflict. Recent battles have been fought over network platforms, apps, and the electromagnetic spectrum. And the next set of transformational battle lines are already drawn in areas such as home automation and connected cars.

As with past industry transformations, these are high stakes games, being driven by powerful industry forces. Here we’ll look at some current low-profile but potentially high-impact battles involving mobile payments, user interfaces and the personal communications experience. Read the entire article on Telecompetitor!

Telecompetitor: AT&T 2012 Consumer Industry Analyst Conference – Part 2

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In this “Part 2” article about the AT&T 2012 Consumer Industry Analyst Conference, we look at AT&T’s forthcoming Digital Life home automation and home control offerings, several other connected consumer market initiatives, and provide a peek toward AT&T’s larger game plan. Read the rest of this post on Telecompetitor.

Telecompetitor: AT&T 2012 Consumer Industry Analyst Conference – Part 1

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AT&T recently hosted its 2012 Consumer Industry Analyst Conference in Atlanta, the company’s first such event. Attendees received updates on the latest AT&T services and devices, including its U-verse TV IPTV service. AT&T also briefed us about several recently-announced “beyond TV” service initiatives – some of which are poised to launch during 2013 – as well as a peek into the near future. Read the entire article on Telecompetitor….