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New Report: TV Service Delivery Platforms 2014 (MRG)

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MRG-2014-SDP-thumbA new report by Steven Hawley of tvstrategies, titled Multiplatform TV Middleware: TV Service Delivery Platforms, is now available from Multimedia Research Group (MRG, an SNL Kagan company).

The report provides a thorough examination and analysis of the TV Service Delivery Platform (TV SDP) category, and of the SDP offerings available to pay-TV operators from 17 different suppliers.  It provides a comprehensive resource for operators that are evaluating new TV service platforms, as well as for those seeking to understand the latest capabilities through which they can enhance their existing offerings or take them multiscreen.

Further information is available at the tvstrategies Web site, and from MRG.


FCC issues 15th “Annual” Report on Video Competition

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The FCC has issued the Fifteenth Report on Video Competition, as mandated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Although it had been issued annually in the past, this is the FCC’s first such report since 2010.

Needless to say, a lot has changed since then:

  • Cable has lost more than 2.5 million subscribers
  • Between them, AT&T and Verizon have achieved 10 million subscribers
  • IP delivery and “the Cloud” have transformed TV service infrastructure
  • TV programmers are now online via “TV Everywhere”
  • Over-the-Top and multiscreen services have become mainstream
  • The next round of competitors looms large: Google, Apple, Intel…

It’s interesting to compare this report to the 14th Report, which remains available. My bet is that the 16th Report will make mention of connected cars, home control, and home automation – all of them being on the radar screens of the pay TV service providers.

Telecompetitor: For OTT, there’s strength in numbers

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The results of two significant online video consumer studies were presented at the recent TelcoTV conference, and highlights from NBC Universal’s online video research from the 2012 London Olympics were also published. The numbers say that the demise of pay TV has been greatly over-exaggerated, and the potential for multiscreen services is clear, including for pay TV operators. Read the rest of this post at Telecompetitor…

New tvstrategies report: TV Software 2012 (TV middleware). Available now

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The new tvstrategies report TV Software 2012: Choosing TV Middleware and Applications During a Time of Dramatic Industry Change, by Steven Hawley, is now available.

273 pages. $3,995.00. This report classifies TV software into four categories and compares the offerings of more than 25 suppliers across more than 100 individual feature criteria. It also contains three detailed TV service provider case studies. The report compares the TV service models of pay TV, ‘OTT’ video, connected consumer electronics (CE) devices and device-ecosystems. It details the consumer drivers, feature-enabling technologies and trends relevant to operators launching services in this new age of multi-screen, multi-device, Internet-enabled TV services. It also provides conclusions and recommendations designed to help operators see the greater context within which they are making their software acquisition decisions.

An Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and summary brochure are available via tvstrategies. Click to contact tvstrategies. To purchase and download immediately, click here