MRG released the report Multiscreen Video Security, written by Steven Hawley of tvstrategies, in late February 2013.

This report includes a global forecast through 2016, for the Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies used to secure pay TV content in a wide range of connected CE devices. Security products and solutions from eleven (11) leading video security vendors are detailed, including the types of distribution and devices that they support.

Pay-TV operators have risen to the challenge of direct-to-consumer (OTT) video by securely extending their own content delivery to a variety of consumer electronics (CE) devices beyond traditional set-top boxes and DVRs. These additional devices include whole-home video gateways, PCs, tablets, game consoles, connected ‘smart’ TV sets, Blu-ray players, and other portable media players.

In addition to CA and DRM, the report explains the roles of watermarking, fingerprinting, key obfuscation, embedded root-of-trust, clone detection, tamper detection and link-layer security; and explains how these enabling technologies work.

Click here to visit MRG’s site for more information and to purchase the report.

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