MRG-2014-SDP-thumbThis report, by Steven Hawley of tvstrategies, also a contributing analyst for Multimedia Research Group (MRG, an SNL Kagan company), provides a thorough examination and analysis of the TV Service Delivery Platform (TV SDP) category, and of the SDP offerings available to pay-TV operators.  It provides a comprehensive resource for operators that are evaluating new TV service platforms, as well as for those seeking to understand the latest capabilities through which they can enhance their existing offerings or take them multiscreen.

In just a few short years, the TV experience has made a major transition: from set-top boxes in fixed locations, controlled by pay-TV service providers, to today’s anytime, anywhere, any screen experience; even to devices that are owned by the consumer and outside of the operator’s direct control.  In addition, pay-TV operators have been compelled to take their offerings online to compete against OTT.  Multiscreen delivery has become the baseline for any operator, not only to enable them to compete, but also to remain viable.

TV Service Delivery Platforms create and manage pay-TV services, TV subscribers, the TV consumer experience, individual consumer-facing features, service entitlements, content merchandising, and enable service providers to establish both physical and virtual TV service territories.  Because multiscreen service providers must create, deliver, and coordinate a common experience with a common set of content and coordinated usage rules across all screens, client-side middleware without comprehensive server-side oversight and management is no longer sufficient.

Six sets of tables supplied with this report detail 17 TV platform suppliers and their offerings. This report also provides a global forecast for TV software, assessing the potential size of the market by number of households and by the number of devices per household. This report includes individual tables for the years 2013-2017, for the following:

  • Unit pricing for SDPs, expressed on a per-device basis, for each type of device, by region
  • Unit shipments, with separate tables for each type of device, by region
  • Category revenue, with separate tables for each type of device, by region
  • Global unit shipments and revenue, totaled for all devices, by device type

There are about 30 tables overall, in spreadsheet format.

The deliverable is comprised of a PDF and six Excel spreadsheets.

For further information and to purchase this report, visit MRG’s Web site

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