tvstrategies provides a range of custom consulting services for video service providers, and for suppliers of products, professional services, logistical support, strategic information, and investments to the broadband telecommunications industry.

Areas of consultation

tvstrategies consulting services include:

  • Program management: tvstrategies can take operators from financial and technical feasibility analysis on paper, through product or service definition, through the infrastructure selection and RFP processes, systems acquisition and implementation, app development, and support the operator’s transition to commercial deployment and ongoing improvement.
  • Product development: Delivered more than twenty infrastructure products and services, including end-to-end digital video delivery systems, TV service delivery platforms and middleware, Web-based commerce platforms; digital media content design, management & production tools; personal videoconferencing, integrated messaging and other multimedia communications-based solutions.
  • Industry analysis: tvstrategies Principal Analyst Steve Hawley contributes to leading market research firms, including SNL Kagan (now part of S&P Global Market Intelligence). Several Reports are available now. tvstrategies also provides analyst opinions about topics of current interest via the tvstrategies blog.
  • Competitive, Functional and Technical analysis: for service providers introducing or extending TV, video-on-demand, personalized and socially-enabled features, hosted services, and other content-based solutions to consumers; and for their suppliers
  • Intellectual property: Direct experience with due-diligence research, patent claims review, and court testimony as an expert witness
  • Business strategy: To help companies address vertical and horizontal market opportunities relating to IPTV and Internet-delivered video; including analysis, recommendations and contributions to business plans
  • Marketing: Planning, development and support for market entry and sustaining marketing programs, including strategic and product-level positioning, pricing, packaging and promotions
  • Business management: Experienced in corporate and entrepreneurial management roles. Extensive business development, negotiation and closing experience in strategic alliance, and sales situations

Consulting Relationships

tvstrategies provides flexibility in the relationship with the client:

  • Time-based: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • On a Project basis: tvstrategies and the client work together to carefully define the outcome, deliverables, schedules, processes and contractual relationship before beginning
  • On a retained services basis: tvstrategies can work with clients on an advisory or as-needed basis.  Also suitable for ongoing engagements.
  • Engage directly with tvstrategies or as a subcontractor via an existing partner.

Leadership and Facilitation

tvstrategies can lead or catalyze business initiatives, including:

  • Conceptualization of initiatives through close collaboration with company directors, executives, managers and functional team members
  • Leadership and support that define and facilitate the delivery of a differentiated product or service
  • Execution: Identification, establishment and nurturing of inter-company technology, product development and marketing partnerships
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