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An Unexpected Party

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Battle lines in the Net Neutrality debate have long been established – if you have a vested interest in being paid for Internet access (e.g. if you are a communications service provider) or if you sell content (e.g. if you sell pay TV and/or own the conduit over which it travels), you probably are of... Read mor...

Why is Net Neutrality so difficult?

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The way I understand Net (Internet) Neutrality, it’s pretty simple. Internet content should be able to go anywhere, and no commercial interest or government agency should be allowed to interfere with the free flow of information. Why is Net Neutrality so difficult? The FCC has been ruminating over Net Neutrality ...

Microsoft as Galadriel in the era of Apps

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Tolkien’s epic, The Lord of the Rings, is familiar to most of us. In one memorable scene, Frodo freely offers the Ring to the Lady Galadriel, and she tests Frodo’s dedication to his mission. It occurred to me that Microsoft’s role in the rising battle of mobile device ecosystems resembles Galadriel...

What is “TV Everywhere,” really?

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There has been a lot of discussion over “TV Everywhere,” the service option being launched by many of the pay TV operators, including Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and others; which allows pay TV subscribers to access programming via the Internet. DISH also has been using this term, in reference to its Sling-...

PCCW ahead of the curve again

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Nearly a decade ago, the telecommunications industry began watching as PCCW, the incumbent Telco in Hong Kong, started to deploy its Now TV IPTV service. From around the world, attention was focused on this operator as it attained a 30-plus percent pay TV market share in its local market. In recent years, PCCW’s ...