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tvstrategies™ (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) helps video service providers, content providers and other industry stake-holders understand, strategize and build the infrastructure necessary to securely deliver dynamic user experiences to consumers while reducing the risk of unauthorized video re-distribution.  

This expertise is also available to intellectual property stake-holders, including support for patent claim reviews and expert witness services.

What TV is today, and how tvstrategies can help

Now, video is simply another part of our day: consumers can access any content, any time, anywhere, from any device. Video service providers, content providers, and advertisers are in a better position than ever to build compelling experiences and campaigns that reach audiences of many or of one.

Advances in design, content discovery, analytics, and speech recognition further enrich the user experience. Open software platforms, agile development methodologies, cloud virtualization and improved security address service efficiency and reduce costs for video providers.

tvstrategies can help you understand and evaluate new opportunities and emerging risks and help put the solutions in place. See the ‘ Consulting” href=”https://www.tvstrategies.com/consulting” target=”_blank”>Consulting‘ pages for further details.

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