MRG released the report Multiplatform TV Middleware and Applications in late 2012, written by Steven Hawley of tvstrategies.  It was updated in January 2013.

This highly comprehensive report outlines Pay TV market drivers, the five tiers of TV software functionality, and four classes of TV middleware platforms. Additionally, the report lists and compares more than 130 individual features and use-cases across 29 TV software platforms and provides a thorough category analysis.

Pay TV has been on a collision course with the Internet for more than a decade, and the pace of change that this collision has spawned continues to accelerate.

Just as the industry is changing rapidly, so, too, are TV middleware and application software platforms.  The enabling technologies are in flux, as is the universe of vendors.  Service providers that are evaluating new or replacement software for their TV services should take these factors into consideration.

Technological advances have enabled new ways to blend authenticated pay TV content and unprotected Internet content, using combinations of cloud delivery and new video formats; to new types of customer premises devices.  All of these advances represent opportunities to expand the pay TV service provider’s repertoire.  Operators can also supplement existing advertising revenue with proven consumer-facing online advertising models from the Internet.  They also will continue to enable multiple new opportunities for non-pay TV providers.

The key to unlocking these opportunities and the technologies that enable them is in Multiplatform TV Middleware and Applications.

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