SNL Kagan: 2015 TV Service Delivery Platforms

August 2015 – This report provides an in-depth examination, category analysis and global forecast. It was researched and written by Steven Hawley of tvstrategies for SNL Kagan (an S&P Global company).
Pay-TV delivery has made a major transition: From STBs in fixed locations, controlled directly by the pay-TV providers, to today’s anytime, anywhere, any screen experience; even to devices that are owned by the consumer and outside of the operator’s direct control.

A parallel technology transition is also underway, from that familiar but frustrating scenario of different delivery infrastructures and incompatible technologies, in which nothing quite works right; toward a new and better scenario under which the consumer can access and play any content, anywhere, anytime, and not have to worry about which device does what.

TV service delivery platforms (SDPs) are designed to enable pay-TV service providers to take on all of these challenges. SDPs define and manage pay-TV services, create and oversee the TV user experience, define and manage subscribers, oversee devices, and content items.