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Which is better: Monopoly or Competition? Part 2 – Now, the bad

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This article continues a story that starts here. On the same day that I contacted DISH to schedule the service move, I also called CenturyLink to schedule new service activation with them.   Because there is no phone number portability for land-lines in the US, CenturyLink assigned us two new voice numbers: one for m...

Which is better: Monopoly or Competition? Part 1 – First, the good

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During the past week, my spouse and I moved to a new home, about 12 miles from our previous one.  Accordingly, we had to move our pay TV service, and obtain new fixed-line phone and broadband access from the phone company.  The two experiences could not have been more different. This begins a multi-part article to.....

Macbook Pro users: Have you seen this bug in Mavericks?

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I installed MacOS 10.9 (aka Mavericks) the day after it became available.  Ars Technica has a fantastic and obsessively detailed review of Mavericks, so I’ll continue just with my own experiences.    As of this date, its second dot-release 10.9.2 is in testing. For me, Mavericks has pros and cons.  On the pl...

(Belated) Happy New Year

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This was important!
Here’s wishing my readers a happy and prosperous 2014!   Strap in – 2014 promises to be a great ride. It’s a bit late for Happy New Year, but a week at CES provides a good excuse.  Over the next week, I’ll be presenting my CES experience here. 2014 CES highlights included: AT&T ‘s 2...

MRG / SNL Kagan: Connected Car Webinar

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On November 14, 2013, Steven Hawley conducted a Webinar about the Connected Car, for Multimedia Research Group (MRG), an SNL Kagan company.   The Webinar goes with a comprehensive industry report written for MRG by Steven Hawley of Advanced Media Strategies during 2013.  For further details and to view the Webinar, ...

The Apple TV September announcements that weren’t

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(Revised October 14)   Just before Apple’s September 10 iPhone 5s/5c announcements, veteran industry journalist and analyst Jim O’Neill reported on industry rumors that along with a new iPhone, Apple would be announcing an update to Apple TV at the September 10 launch event. My guess,  given that Apple T...

Telecompetitor: Steve Ballmer retires. What next?

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement last week, leading to two immediate questions: “What happens next?”  and “Who will succeed him?”   In answer to the first question, the company would do well to quickly re-evaluate and re-rationalize its entire product strategy and portfolio.   Microsoft...