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Established in 2001, tvstrategies™ (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) provides subject matter expertise, industry analysis, consulting and program management services, relating to the systems, software and technologies that enable the secure delivery of digital and IP video services by providers of telecommunications services and digital content. These services include live and time-shifted multichannel television, DVR, video on demand and other related interactive services that complement the TV experience.  

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A transition is well underway. Now, premium video and pay TV services have to be everywhere the consumer is: not just on TV sets attached to set-top boxes, but also to apps running on mobile smartphones, tablets, PCs and streaming video players.  TV today is a mash-up of video programming complemented by content from the Web, social media and ‘unicast’ advertising.  Advances in content discovery, recommendation, speech and gesture recognition further enrich the experience.

Now that TV is accessible via the open Internet, in your favorite coffee shop, on the train, and in the Connected Car, TV providers and advertisers can harness an exciting range of new technologies to build creative and compelling experiences that make the best use of their new-found reach.   Today’s consumers to expect to enjoy and manage them as they move through the course of their day.

tvstrategies™ (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) was established in 2001 by Steven Hawley, an independent consultant and industry analyst that has been involved with IPTV since 2000, and with online, software, telecom and computer technologies for years prior to that.

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