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tvstrategies™ (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) provides consulting and program management services, feasibility analysis and technical subject matter expertise to help telecommunications and content providers understand and build the infrastructure to deliver digital television and multiscreen IP video services.

tvstrategies was established in 2001 by Steven Hawley, an independent consultant and industry analyst that has been involved with multiscreen premium video services and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technologies since 2000, and with online, software, telecom and computer technologies prior to that.

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TV’s transition from the box in your living room to the device in your pocket is virtually complete.  Now, consumers can access it from their favorite coffee shop, on the train, or anywhere else within range of a wireless signal.  Video is simply another part of our day.  These services include live and time-shifted multichannel television, DVR, video on demand, social TV,  and other related interactive services.

TV service providers, content providers, and advertisers are in a better position than ever to build compelling experiences and campaigns that reach audiences of many or of one.   Advances in content discovery, recommendation, social media technologies, speech and gesture recognition can further enrich the experience.


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